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Accident, Incident & Existing Injuries

Our Policy

As part of our commitment to effectively safeguard the children in our care, every effort is taken to make sure they are safe, and well cared for while they are with us. Accidents involving children while playing at the nursery is common, and part of their learning experience, and many cause minor injuries that are easily treated. We follow the following procedure when treating children, and informing you about any injuries.

Our Procedures

Minor Injuries

If a child has an accident at the nursery causing a minor injury, they will be taken to an available first aider, which will ideally their key worker. They are comforted and re assured while their injuries are assessed and treated. The manager is informed of the accident, and they also assess the injury and the condition of the child afterwards, to confirm no further action is necessary.

An accident/incident report is completed on the Baby's Days system, by the practitioner who witnessed the accident. The practitioner will gain information about how the child has been treated, and this is also added to the report. The parents are notified via email, and the report can be read online. We will update the report throughout the day to record the condition a child if necessary, particularly with head injuries to make sure there isn't a change that may require further treatment. As much detail about the accident or incident is recorded. The location, how many children and practitioners were present and the extent of the injury to the child. All other children who were not involved in the accident / incident will be kept safe at all times, and continue with their activities away from the injured child.

Examples of minor injuries include grazes, shallow cuts, brusing and head bumps (as long as it presents no other cause for concern).

Significant/Major Injury

If a child has an accident at the nursery that causes a significant/major injury, two first aiders will work together to assess and treat the child, and alert the relevant people. One of these will be the manager. The child is not moved unless it is deemed unsafe, and the first person to reach the child will begin immediate first aid treatment. The manager will call an ambulance, open the park bollards for access and notify the parents to go straight to the hospital. If they are treating the child, they will designate someone else to do this.

The first aider treating the child will take the emergency travel bag, and travel with the child to the hospital.

Examples of significant/major injuries include:

  • Unresponsive/ unconscious or not breathing
  • Head injuries resulting in concerning behaviour from the child
  • Broken limbs
  • Major bleeding/cuts requiring stitches
  • An allergic reaction

It is important that you keep us informed regarding your child's condition following an accident and if you have sought additional medical advice or care.

Existing Injuries

Our responsibility to the children is to safeguard, protect and keep them safe from harm. We are required to keep written records if a child arrives at the nursery with injuries inflicted away from the setting. We will:

  • Complete an existing injuries form online, detailing the injury. We will be as detailed as possible about the injury, and monitor it throughout the day if necessary.
  • Send a copy of the form the parents of the child via Baby's Days.
  • Ask the child how the injury happened if they are able to tell us.
  • Ask you how the injury happened.

In the unlikely event we suspected a child is at risk of harm, we are required to notify outside agencies for further investigation, inform you of our decision to do so, and keep you updated with the referral process.

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